The "Damn Fine" Self Dog Wash

When using the self dog wash, SLB provides towels, a two speed dryer, a tub with three varieties of Earthbath Shampoo, and an Earthbath Conditioner. We will also provide a hydrolic grooming table for drying/grooming and a ramp to get your furry friend into the tub, with the addition of a waterproof apron to keep the water on them, and not you. Brushes, combs, and clippers will NOT be supplied. Our wash is available every day of the week. We accept our first wash as soon as we open, and our last wash as late as an hour before closing.

Small Breed (less than 25 lbs) $14.00
Large Breed (over 25 lbs) $18.00
Giant Breed (large heavy coated dogs such as leonbergers) $25.00


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CJ's Grooming

CJ's Grooming is open every Monday and Thursday. It is located inside of Sierra Le Bone. Carolyn Johnson can be reached at (775) 443-6883. You must call for pricing.

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Haute Dog

Haute Dog is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It is located inside of Sierra Le Bone, and appointments are available with Jan Covey at (775) 546-2888. You must call for pricing. Jan is a professional handler for showing Cocker Spaniels. She is very experienced in grooming both poodles and schnauzers, as she does them both very often, but can surely do any and all breeds.